Introducing the Flirt Envy Blowout Brush

Introducing the Flirt Envy Blowout Brush

Going to a salon for a blowout is so old school. You might not think you’re capable of creating the perfect blowout at home; however, it’s possible and easy with the Flirt Envy Blowout Brush. Whether it’s date night or a regular Tuesday, this brush will have you looking enviously sexy.

Yes, there are blowout brushes on the market already, but they aren’t getting the job done. Why? For a blowout brush to really do its job, it requires cutting-edge technology and a professional-grade design. More than that, it needs to be easy for you to use. The Flirt Envy Blowout Brush does most of the work for you.

What Is The Flirt Envy Blowout Brush?

Great question! The Flirt Envy Blowout Brush is a 4-in-1 hot air brush: Dry, curl, smooth, and volumize. With a 360-degree airflow, you can dry your hair as you style it with each stroke. This drastically cuts your drying time and gives you the ability to add volume, plush curl, or silky smoothness.

What Makes It Better Than Other Blowout Brushes On The Market?

You mean other than the fact that it’s beautiful and pink? While the Flirt Envy Blowout Brush was created with aesthetics in mind, the shape, technology, and ergonomic construction is really what sets it apart.

Let’s talk about shape baby: You’ve already noticed how stunning this tool will look in your vanity. She’s not bad on the eyes. However, the shape is also important for the sake of styling. An oval-shaped barrel helps add volume and definition to your overall style. Plus, snag-free bristles work to detangle your wet hair as you style. 

Tease me with technology: Every dryer you use should utilize ionic technology, and a drying blowout brush is no exception. Other brushes on the market might blow air, but they won’t give you brilliant shine or protect the hair’s health without this important feature. Negative ion technology means that the tool emits negative ions which absorb the water as you dry, meaning that you’ll need to use it for a smaller amount of time. However, it won’t strip your hair of its natural moisture, leaving it with shine when you are dry to the touch. It also re-seals the cuticle, eliminating any frizz. 

Effortlessly ergonomic: Ok, it sounds like an SAT word, but ergonomic, as it applies to hair tools, has everything to do with functionality and comfort. A blowout brush especially needs to be comfortable to use because the blowout itself needs to come out looking effortless. Most blowout brushes are heavy and clunky. However, this powerful lightweight tool won’t weigh you (or your hair) down. It also features a comfortable grip and cool-touch tip. 

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Flirt Envy:

Your Flirt Envy Blowout Brush is a versatile tool. You can use it to add volume, smooth, and add curl. We’ve come up with a basic guide that you can use to get that enviable style you so desire:

Volumizing: Looking to add body to your look? Divide your hair into at least three sections. You can add volume to your locks by placing the Flirt Envy underneath each section of hair and brushing through. It’s best to do this when your is 80% dry. The 360° airflow will plump with every pass, while negative ion technology eliminates frizz. 

Smoothing: The Flirt Envy Blowout Brush is perfect for creating a glazed and polished blowout. The trick to getting brilliant shine is to use this tool both as a dryer and a brush. Snag-free bristles make it easy to brush overtop of wet hair, creating a shimmering finish while the negative ions absorb excess water.

Curling: Sectioning is essential when creating curls with your Flirt Envy Blowout Brush. The smaller the section, the more defined you can get your curls. Take each section and wrap it around your blowout brush twice so that it’s securely in place. Then, carefully twist the brush as you move it through each damp section, from root to tip.