Trendiest Looks For Summer 2021

Trendiest Looks For Summer 2021

As the saying goes, “The tans will fade, but the memories will last forever.”

And with Instagram, the memories really will last forever. You’ll want to dive into the poolside parties or rooftop soirées looking your absolute best. Luckily, we’ve been keeping an eye on the grid and consulting with the pros to find out what the latest summer trends are. We know exactly what you need to bring out the summer sizzle so you look and feel your best. Here are some trends for you to Flirt with as you contemplate your new look.

Go In With A Bang

From curtain bangs to blunt bangs, you can become a whole new you with a pair of shears. It doesn’t matter what type of bangs you cut, you will end up with a flirty fresh look with a new angle and a lot of dried shampoo. Our Envy Blowout Brush is just the right size to curl your bangs--not too big and not too small. For curtain bangs, part your hair down the middle and take small sections of your bangs and use our blowout brush to create volume in your bangs. These are universally flattering, and look good with any hairstyle, whether up or down. Our Envy brush is a 4-in-1 tool that will lock in moisture with its negative ion technology, and reduce frizz, especially in the summer heat. 

Crop It

Get your hair off your neck, work on some slant bangs, and rock one of the trendiest cuts of the season. When it's time to dress it up, this is the perfect style for a blowout, and our mini turbo dryer is absolutely perfect for short hair! With its negative ion technology, it will reduce the frizz and help you achieve a salon-perfect look at home. Our dual fan settings offer a perfect air flow so you can style as you dry, and the ergonomic design will keep your arms fatigue free as you put a little pizazz in your pixie. This short look can be easily tousled for the beach, or worn with a sleek part for a special meeting or event.

The Bob

Whether you are looking for a long bob, short bob, asymmetrical bob, or a long-layered bob like Kaia, there is no doubt the look is a hot summer trend right now. Chin length bobs are in with a blunt end, and also a more flowy variety. No matter which length you choose, you will want to make sure it is versatile, because sometimes you will want to go with a textured, fun look, and sometimes you will prefer a sleek, sophisticated look. When you are going for sleek, use Flirt’s mini flat iron with its 3 layers of baked ceramic plates that are all infused with tourmaline to produce an abundance of negative ions. These negative ions will repel humidity to rid your hair of frizz, lock in moisture, and help your hair to look sophisticated and sleek. Our flat iron will also create stunning beach waves for those days outside, and either look will be filled with shine. 

Layer It

T Swift is not the only one who can rock the shag. With plenty of layers to lift and offer volume, this look is a go-to for your fun, fashionable summer. You can go short or long, but the layers are the key. Framing your face with layers will take years off your look and give you the bounce and fun you need to play all day in the summer. Our Tease Blowout Brush is the best way to style it. With technology to cut your drying time in half, the 3 in 1 product will allow you to add volume, smooth, or straighten your hair as you go. Summer is the time to try new things and put a little life in your hair. With our Tease blowout brush, you can have the best of all worlds and build volume and shine as you go.


Summer means fun: long sunny days punctuated by nights under the stars. Long or short hair, sleek or tousled, it will all look better at the end of the day with the right look and the right tools. With the most modern technology and ergonomic designs, your memories will shine with these summer hair trends brought to you by Flirt.